Motion Design & 3D animation

The extra thing that

makes your video cool !

3D was one of the main video features used when presenting the newest range of Mentos chewing gum. This video showcased the new product range to the sales team and explained the group’s marketing strategy.  It was also used as a sales aide for the teams on the ground.

And, as in numerous cases, the finished product did not, yet, exist, so 3D modelling enabled us to replicate the product’s final aspects and to disclose a pre-defined marketing strategy.

OOZNEXT uses these techniques with numerous clients, in particular: Mondeléz, Rotarex, Kraft Food, …

But 3D modeling and motion design can also be integrated into a more “classic” video setting.  This allows us to give a film special effects, to bring in graphic design or inexistent photorealistic elements.  For example: a flying saucer.  Most of OOZNEXT’s productions rely on these post-production techniques.  Making the invisible visible and the impossible possible, that is the magic of OOZNEXT’s motion designs, our 3D modeling and our animations.

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