Communication 360


Communication 360

Sofyne Active Technology relies on OOZNEXT for all of its 360° communication needs.  We create loyalty by placing our emphasis on developing “rich content”.  From Branding to PPT models to the internal newsletter, we do it all to best attract new clients and future hires.

 OOZNEXT manages all client presentations, ensuring that a coherent company image is omnipresent.  OOZNEXT assists and supports Sofyne in developing international growth and guides the young IT company when it comes to video and digital communication strategies and marketing decisions. 

The array of the services we offer is vast in scope: graphic design, artistic direction, content management, web site development, document creation, presentation creation, making videos, interviews, testimonials, organizing webinars, photo shoots, …

The fact that Sofyne, a high tech company, where even the most remote error is never an option, trusts OOZNEXT is an absolute testament to our professionalism.

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