Industrial corporation with products !

The intricate universe of valves and their implementation no longer holds any secrets for OOZNEXT. This high-technology industry, established and originating from Luxembourg, exports their products all over the world.  Their valves are used in medicine, industry, telecommunications, construction, in work with chemicals, restaurants, aerospace, …

When working with Rotarex, OOZNEXT incorporates models and 3D animation, mixing scenes filmed in real world locations.  We produce their corporate films, but also create product presentations for the sales team and/or potential clients.  These videos also used by Rotarex, during trade shows and fairs, as sales material.

One example of this type of sales material is the video we created for the INEREX products.  This video combined both motion design and 3D animation.  These techniques allowed us to delve deep into the technicalities of this product’s design and to visually highlight the most intricately engineered aspects of them, which are invisible to the naked eye.  It also allowed for the simulation of dangerous events.

The sales team also benefitted from this high-end tool which enabled them to easily present every aspect of this product. This is a major asset during interviews.  These videos are also viewable on Youtube.

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